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Letter to the Editor - Hartsock

Dear Editor,

Since 2013, Iowa District 7 has been greatly served by Tedd Gassman in the Iowa House of Representatives. During his tenure, he has served as vice-chairperson of the Economic Development Committee, and has been a member of the following committees: Economic Growth, Education, Local Government, and Environmental Protection. He works hard for District 7 and encourages communication with his constituents. He is a man of great character and believes in standing up for what is morally right. He always holds true to his values.
Before he was elected to the Iowa House of Representatives, he enjoyed many life experiences which prepared him to be an effective public servant. He was a teacher, farmer, businessman, and president of his local school board.

When determining which candidate deserves my vote, I compare the values and experiences of each candidate and then make a decision as to the best qualified person, regardless of age, race, gender, or political affiliation. I believe Tedd Gassman is the best candidate for Iowa District 7 State Representative. He is committed to serving, approachable, engaged and genuinely committed to governing well. Please join me in voting for Tedd Gassman as State Representative for Iowa District 7.

Kim Schenk Hartsock
608 1st Ave. W
Swea City, IA

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