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Tedd Gassman

Gassman Refutes Deb Jensen's accusations

In an article published in the Armstrong Journal, Bancroft Register, Ringsted Dispatch, and Swea City Herald-Press Deb Jensen claimed that Tedd Gassman had "introduced into committee a bill calling for $200 million in school vouchers to go to private schools." Jensen stated this while in Fenton as part of her campaign to unseat Tedd Gassman on October 19th. Due to our weekly presence Gassman was unable to defend the statement by Jensen in a print edition of the newspaper.

Stateline Publications have allowed him to submit a rebuttal on our online services before the election hits, November 6, 2018.
Tedd Gassman emailed the Journal on Friday November 2nd in response to the article which was published in the October 24 newspapers. "I had a fellow at the capitol go back into the archives and look up what bills we dealt with on Vouchers and Educational savings accounts since I was elected in 2013. He found no bills about either with my name on them. What [Deb Jensen] told the group at the Fenton library was a total fabrication. I kept refusing to join in on that process as I don’t like the voucher system anyway. The educational savings accounts are a better way to approach the problem. There is no way I would vote for a voucher system and there is no way I would spend $200,000,000 In this way. That’s a lot of money. Her words are not trustworthy."

Tedd Gassman submitted to the Journal what he had received from the Capitol regarding the $200,000,000 voucher claim.
"I don’t believe you ever signed onto an ESA bill. Here are the ones that were introduced since you were elected. Your name isn’t on any of them and you did not serve on any subcommittees. No bills made it beyond subcommittee.

HSB 651 – Chairman Rogers
Had one subcommittee with Reps. Rogers Wheeler and Jones

HF 2284 – Rep. Highfill
Had one subcommittee with Reps. Rogers and Deyoe

HSB 203 – Chairman Jorgensen
Had one subcommittee with Reps. Forristall and Highfill
HF 313 – Rep. Highfill
No subcommittee

HF 2090 – Reps. Highfill, Cownie, Hagenow
Had one subcommittee with Reps. Forristall and Stanerson
Amendment H-1018 – Rep. Forristall
Filed to HF 215, Education Reform – withdrawn on the floor"

Gassman also refutes a letter to the editor in the October 31 publications from Roger Patocka of Estherville. "The editorial in the October 31st paper is also a bunch of nothing. Did you know that you were being charged anywhere from 2% to 9% of your electrical bill and that was added to your bill for the final payment? The least that should have been done is to inform people that they were paying an extra amount. They did not. That original amount started at 2% and over time went to the 9% amount. That’s a considerable amount to pay extra for some people. We set the additional amount at 2% and will stay there unless changed by law."

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