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Are you ready for Christmas?

This is the question that seems to get asked every day this time of year. I always want to respond,” No, are you kidding me!” But that never sounds very good, so instead I usually say, “I will for sure be ready by the time it gets here.” Honestly that is one of the things I love most about Christmas. It never waits for me to be ready for it. It doesn’t wait for me to have my family photos ordered and the Christmas cards addressed. It doesn’t wait for me to bake cookies, clean my house or make dinner. On December 24th, Christmas Eve will be here and it doesn’t matter if our family’s Christmas celebration hap-pens after that date or not. In the end Christmas Eve will come and Christmas Day will follow and the words of the Angel will be proclaimed for us once again, “For to you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior who is Christ the Lord.” Ready or not Christ comes!

I always love this truth about Christmas! God doesn’t wait! When the angels first sang of the Messiah’s birth, their message took everyone by surprise. Mary wasn’t ready to have a baby, let alone the Son of God, but God said, “I choose you for the task and I will guide you through it, don’t be afraid.” Joseph wasn’t ready or even willing to take on a pregnant fiancée but God said, “This is my plan, don’t be afraid.” The town of Bethlehem certainly wasn’t ready to welcome the Son of God. If they had been surely they would have found someplace better than a stable for his birth. No one was ready for Christ to come, and yet God knew that the world needed him in the worst way, and so God took on our skin and sent his Son to dwell with us and to love, forgive and save us. He didn’t wait until we were ready. He came when we needed him most!

So it is with Christmas every year. Every year, I attempt to get ready. I set up my tree. I read my advent devotions. I attend the special worship services that help prepare us for Christ’s coming. I bake cookies, wrap gifts and attempt to do all of the other things that I think need to be done, and all the while life happens. Nothing ever turns out exactly as perfectly as stories seem to on the Hallmark Christmas Movies and still Christ comes because God knows us. He knows that our hearts and our lives will never truly be ready enough to meet him, but we need him in the very worst way. So God doesn’t wait for us to be ready, instead he comes to us when we need him most.
Am I ready for Christmas? On the one hand, I doubt I will ever be ready, but the other hand-any day, any time! Come Lord Jesus, come. Hoping that you are rejoicing in the Good News that ready or not God loves us enough to come! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With Love in Christ,
Pastor Lauri

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