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moveero – GKN moves on with new name

Specialty wheels keep vehicles on the move with new identity

Wednesday morning, GKN Wheels announced its new name and new identity: moveero (lower- case “m” is the brand). Phil O’Donnell, chief operating officer, said, “The launch of moveero marks a significant landmark in our journey. Our new name and identity is undoubtedly bold and different and that’s quite deliberate; we want this change to mark a real milestone in our business and to be a real statement of intent.”
Michelle Nicoson, human resources director for the company in Estherville and Armstrong, said, “New signs are scheduled to be here by the end of the week and could go up as early as next week. The only change we are aware of here internally is getting things changed over to the right name and logo.”
O’Donnell said, “Although the new name is clearly important, this announcement is as much about the progress our business has made and how we are evolving to become more agile and dynamic in the way we operate.
“Today is about continuing to forge a new and confident path for our business and market leading products. We will continue to use our unrivalled knowledge and globally renowned engineering expertise at the heart of the business to take us to the next level. moveero is not just a new brand – it’s an evolution of GKN Wheels.”
Sali Morris, marketing & communications director of moveero, said moveero is the world’s leading manufacturer of off-highway wheels, and supplies the global construction, industrial and agricultural industries and others. Moveero employs over 900 people with manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA (Armstrong and Estherville) and Denmark.

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