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Armstrong seeks EMT volunteers

By Michael Tidemann

The Armstrong Ambulance Crew is seeking volunteers – and willing to pay for their training.
Armstrong Ambulance Director Dustin Tirevold said classes will be offered early next year through Iowa Lakes Community College with Tirevold as instructor. Tirevold said he’ll know by Dec. 1 when the classes will start. Classes will meet twice weekly, alternating between the Armstrong and Swea City Fire Halls, for two to three months. Tirevold said the more people that turn out for the training, the less time crew members will be on call.

Tirevold pointed out that volunteers will be paid for time spent on the job. However, their on-call time will be volunteer. EMTs also have monthly training and will stand by at North Union High School football games. There’s also an annual fundraising breakfast in which crew members take part.

Currently Rodney Naig, Joe Richmond and Tirevold are the only three on call in Armstrong, with one member ready to retire, Tirevold said. He said Swea City has four crew members. While a firefighter can drive the ambulance, Tirevold said there must be an EMT in the rear of the ambulance. Tirevold is an advanced EMT while Naig and Richmond are both EMTs.
After completing the class, participants will take the national exam and a psychomotor skills test to get their National Registry Certificate as certified EMTs which will qualify them for certification in more than 40 states. Tirevold said the class is not required of those who are certified registered nurses.
Those who want to take the class need to live in the Armstrong or Swea City area. Armstrong residents can call Tirevold at (712) 363-3517 while Swea City residents can call Swea City Ambulance Director Phil Albers at (515) 320-1564.

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