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Help Needed for the 4th

1. Get your floats and entries ready for the July 4th celebration in Armstrong. We have great cash prizes to give away for 1st 2nd and 3rd in Family, organizational, and commercial. We also have a kiddie parade in front of the big parade. We give each child $5.00 for just being in the parade. There is cash prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd. Plus Mr. and Mrs. Richard Anderson are giving away to one girl and one boy in the kiddie parade a bike for each. So make sure you get signed up. Any Questions call Vic Rooney @ 712-8868-3681 or 712-868-4020.

2. Needed for the July 4th parade pooper scoopers to follow the horses. This is a 2-3 person job. We will pay $25.00 per person to do this for us. Anyone interested please call Vic Rooney @ 712-868-3681 or 712-868-4020

3. Help! We need bars for the July 3rd supper in Armstrong. We also need people to give us a hour of your time to sell raffle tickets in park on July 4th. Please call Vic Rooney @ 712-868-3681 or 712-868-4020

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