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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it…. NO!

By: Claire Pritchard

It seems like the English are always talking about the weather; how bad it is, how we wish for less rain and more sun, but it’s hard not to talk about it at the moment. Over these past couple of weeks; with rising temperatures, more sunshine and the appearance of daffodils, I have been eager cast my winter boots aside and throw myself into my favorite season, spring. However, it seems I got excited a little too early as all those signs quickly disappeared with the arrival of a fresh carpet of snow and plummeting temperatures. The weather reports all say it’s coming from the east, but I can't help but wonder... did the Pritchard's bring a bit of Iowa back with them?

Now, I say snow, to a native Midwesterner what we've had is nothing, however, since moving back in January we have experienced two instances of snowfall of at least a few inches - not common weather for Telford, and when Matt came here in December, he also landed to a snow-covered UK. Is this coincidence or is mother nature making sure the Pritchard’s don't feel too Iowa-sick? or is she punishing us for moving back to the UK earlier than anticipated? I know, I know, climate change is ultimately responsible for this bi-polar weather, but you've got to admit, it is a little freaky... I thought I'd left the white stuff behind! 

With the warming temperatures and sunny skies, the rose bushes at the end of our garden had suddenly burst into life with beautiful pink flowers, and Elijah and I were even able to play outside without multiple layers. However, just two days later those poor flowers sat shivering under the 3 inches of snow that fell overnight, and we were forced to pull out the hats and gloves again! (I can hear you giggling from here Armstrong...remember we don't get much snow). This latest snowfall didn't even lend itself to being good for making a snowman, however, in a bid not to disappoint my 2-year-old I did roll up my sleeves and attempt to build one, I'll let you judge its hilarity…

Thankfully the temperature is still floating above 30 degrees in the day time, so the snow doesn’t stick around for long - which is good considering we aren't well equipped for this type of wintery weather - no snowplows here! (rain we can handle, snow... not so much!) and our all-important delivery of items we shipped from Armstrong is due in a matter of days!
Anyway, enough moaning about the random weather for now, although I am British, so expect me to bring it up again at some point in the future. It has been busy in the Pritchard household (when are we not!). Elijah is now the proud owner of fish, two of which he has named Peppa Pig and George Pig, I have purchased a car- hello freedom - and the icing on the cake is that I have landed myself a job! Hooray! I will be working a few hours at my local library; something I would never have imagined doing before we lived in Armstrong - all my volunteering with Ginger, I’m happy to say, has made a huge impact on my life choices and I'm excited to start... it's a lot larger than Armstrong Library, and I don’t think they will supply me with vanilla cappuccinos but hopefully I'll do a good job!


I enjoyed your article as I have been to England in December (twice).  The only snow that I saw was window decorations.  London temps ranged from 42 to 55 degrees during the day.  I bought an umbrella on one trip, but chose to walk in the rain without it and didn't really get too wet.  Anyway, the reason for this comment is to share a video (about snow) posted by a London busker that I am sure that you will enjoy.  She also posts some very beautiful music. 

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