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Speaker at the Fenton Public Library

The Fenton Public Library will host a presentation entitled “Over There, Over Here” an exploration of the home front during World War I. It will be held at 10 AM on Saturday, July 28 in the library.
The presenter is Fenton native, Trudy Huskamp Peterson, former Acting Archivist of the United States.
Dr. Peterson will give a brief history of how the war began and how the United States became involved. She will then look at Iowa’s contributions to the war effort and the effects of the war on everyday life here at home. Her presentation will include an exhibit of some common items related to the war, audience participation in a kind of trivial pursuit and even a sing-a-long.
Please keep an eye out for other speakers such as fall garden prep, barn quilt history, and cute & creepy critters at the Fenton Public Library in the coming months. Check out the public library of Fenton, Iowa Facebook page for details.

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