The locker rooms located under the stage at North Union High School in Armstrong have not seen any updates for many years. Without the updates, the locker rooms are needing a facelift. The North Union School Board approved a bid for the renovation for a cost of over $400,000 during their May 18 meeting.
The Armstrong Little League Board decided last week to cancel their little league season. “The board believes this is how best to keep our children and spectators safe during the pandemic,” a post on Facebook read.
The State Board of Health reported that 54,000 cases of influenza had been reported in the state of Iowa during the months of October and November. Many cases went unreported if a doctor was not in attendance so it was impossible to document how many individuals had actually been infected.
It will be back to business as usual Monday, May 25 when the Emmet County Courthouse is scheduled to reopen.
Absentee voting has taken a huge spike in Emmet County, due to the precautions county election officials are taking to limit the spread of COVID-19.


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