CJ Cheever posted to Facebook last week that he brought his grandfathers tractor to his farm. CJ is the 3rd generation of Cheever’s to have the tractor on their farm in working order. CJ stated in the post that the last time the tractor ran was when he left for college, six years ago.
I am pleased to report that I have another wedding portrait to share with you.
The Bancroft City Council quizzed electrical superintendent Trent Iverson on why Bancroft experienced an outage on Saturday, August 10. Trent stated he was not sure what caused it, but stated it could be a main breaker or a relay starting to go bad during the council meeting on August 12.
When I discovered this picture of Don (Drug Store) Welp and his family in the collection which was loaned to me, I knew I wanted you to see it. As we anticipate the opening of our new pharmacy, I thought it would good to remember some of the history of pharmacies in Bancroft.
A few days ago I received a phone call from my boss and mentor Jerry Wiseman. It is a call that I hate receiving. My good friend and one of the few people who have shaped my love for newspapers had died.
My name is Mattie Carstens. I am the new English teacher at North Union High School. I graduated high school from Remsen-Union and graduated college from Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa in 2018. I began my teaching career in Kuwait and was a long-term substitute for 5th and 6th English when I came home.

Spilled Ink

Last weekend the Davis family took a trip to Cedar Falls for a family gathering with the Grabinoski’s and the Weichers family. (Weichers family is Grant’s fiancé’s family).


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