Last year (2017) citizens filed a petition to remove three councilmen off of the Armstrong Council. Over a half a year later the case was dismissed.
Lindsey Deitering receives $500 Scholarship from Farmers & Traders Savings Bank
Warrior boys upset Eagle Grove By Greg Grabianowski Senior guard Riley Bauer poured in 35 points to lead the North Union Warrior boys’ basketball squad to an exciting 60-57 Top of Iowa Conference upset win over the Eagle Grove Eagles in a league game played on Tuesday, Jan. 2 at Armstrong.
When I discovered this picture in that extensive collection which was loaned to me some time ago, I knew I wanted to share it with you this week. A simple caption on the back read, “Town employees.” I was able to identify Fay Asche on the left and Walt Fangman on the right side, two well known and respected members of the Bancroft community.
Elected officials in Washington know that the federal budget is on an unsustainable path, with the debt projected to rise rapidly over the next 10 years and beyond.
Mary Harrah had been a popular teacher in Newton in 1890. Within just a few years she had made a name for herself in the family cattle business. The Des Moines Register labeled her the “cattle queen” of Iowa and reported that she was central to the success of the 600-acre enterprise where the Harrah’s raised shorthorns.

Spilled Ink

Since I started working here eight years ago you were always in that mail room with something to say. You always gave me tips on how to garden or even raise my kid.

Spilled Ink

Last week I wrote about Resolution 2017-1009. It was brought to my attention by Councilman Dan Moore that I had it wrong who initiated the resolution needed to be published.


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