With blizzards until April and rain pretty much ever since, one would have thought that Emmet County campground revenues were a disaster over the past year. Well, not really.
During one of my early visits to the Bancroft Museum, I was intrigued by the collection of Bancroft memorabilia located in the large glass display case in the entry room. A small crystal hatchet with a clear handle and a red colored head, imprinted with the name, “The Model Store” caught my eye. I had never heard of The Model Store.
The North Kossuth High School Class of 1998 Reunion held their 20 year class reunion during Swea City Fun Day.
By: Clinton J. Davis The Armstrong Quasquicentennial Celebration has ended but life as an Armstrong Citizen continues. As we all move on from the big Fourth of July Celebration we should all take a moment and thank those who put everything together.
The Boy in Left Field
This week I have a hodge-podge of summertime pictures from the past in Bancroft. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do.


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