ESTHERVILLE – You could probably say that Paul Slaughter is a man on a mission. Some people preach the Gospel. Some teach. Some heal. Slaughter’s mission role is to bring his skills as an aviation mechanic to remote parts of the world.
Amazing, overwhelmed, thankful are just a few of the words the Marines participating in the annual Hunting With Heroes event used to describe what they had experienced.
“Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go!” Thanksgiving greetings to all of you! Do you remember when our major concern for getting the family together was the weather? We worried that a snow or ice storm could raise havoc with our plans.
A private funeral service for June Weisbrod was held on Friday, November 20, 2020, at the Lone Rock Presbyterian Church. Burial was in Fenton Township Cemetery. The funeral can be streamed on Oakcrest Funeral Services’ Facebook Page.
Since 2009, Kevin Langfitt has been bringing joy to residents of Armstrong , travelers along highways 9 and 15 and any9one else who happens upon the beautiful light display at his home on 2nd Avenue.
It is known that Iowa, especially rural Iowa, is strong in Republican beliefs. Armstrong has participated in 32 Presidential elections since being incorporated in 1896. Information from past issues of the Armstrong Journal show county results and Armstrong results. Some papers printed both while others didn’t print results at all.


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