The Emmet County Board of Supervisors at their Tuesday, March 24 meeting held a public hearing and approved the county budget for fiscal 2021. The budget calls for $10,376,281 in revenues and $$9,857,870 in spending with a levy of 6.37138 on urban areas and 9.70344 for rural.
Each year, the school board and administration work hard at making sure a healthy budget is kept in check for their districts. This year is no different as the North Union School Board passed the annual budget on March 24.
When there is a need and you have the capability of taking care of that need, S&B Farms Distillery didn’t think twice about helping out. And that need was for more hand sanitizer for emergency personnel and local consumers.
On Tuesday, March 24, the residents of Bancroft had to be very careful when they dared to go out on the streets. Why you ask? Because there were bears on the loose! Well, not really on the loose, but there were bears in numerous home and stores windows as part of the community wide bear hunt.
I reached out to the North Union Senior Class Officers and Representatives last week to see how they were dealing with the four week closure of their school and the social distancing due to the coronavirus.
With a low bid of $700,000 over the engineer’s estimate, City of Estherville representatives came before the Emmet County Board of Supervisors at their Tuesday, March 17 meeting to plead for additional money to help pay for a new outdoor pool.


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