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Micheal Shane Cassibo

Micheal Shane Cassibo was born on November 28, 1976 in Beloit, Wisconsin. He grew up enjoying the outdoors-hunting, hiking, fishing, and camping. He was very active in sports, music and school activities. He graduated from Chippewa Falls High School in Wisconsin and then attended a year of community college.
Mike then moved to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area where he lived almost two decades. There he worked in upper management positions with an old school mindset of hard work and customer service. He was an overachiever who also had his own computer repair business along with networking. He was infatuated with electronics and called himself a computer geek. He was mostly self- taught and due to his photographic memory could read information and retain it. He even built his own computers and was considered by most a genius.

Life’s journey brought Mike to northwest Iowa in 2011 where he met his wife Sheila and children. They relocated to Arizona for a year due to a job transfer and then returned to Iowa settling in Ringsted where they bought a home and Mike took a job at River Valley Telecom in Graettinger as an internet technician. He felt he had the perfect job, with great hours, pay and awesome benefits.

Mike and Sheila were married on September 20, 2014. They both felt that they were placed together by God. Mike was the family rock that taught unconditional love, strength, faith and courage. The most important thing in life to Mike was God and his family. He was their spiritual leader and made it his priority to take care of them and always made sure everyone was ok. He was a wonderful husband, father and friend who was courageous and positive. He influenced people everywhere he went.

Mike was a Christian who had Christ in his life and felt a strong connection with God. Mike believed that God had a plan for him and his family and there was a purpose to his illness. Mike’s perspective was to not get caught up in everything and to stop and smell the roses. He wanted us to enjoy life day by day and always told Sheila to not worry so much. He felt it was ok to have goals but to not focus so much on the goals that you’re missing everything in between.
When asked what he wants his family to remember about him he said, “I’d want them to remember that I was hardworking, dedicated to them, and that no matter what was going on or how hard things were, that I always found the positive, the optimism.”

When asked what he would say to his loved one’s he said, “I think I convey those messages pretty regularly. That I love them, how important they are not just to me, but to the world in general, you know, to God.” He wants us all to carry on the way God intends, that things are good. And to remember it’s part of God’s plan. THERE IS A REASON.

Mike was called to Heaven on October 14, 2016. He is greatly loved and missed by his wife Sheila, children Brittany, Brianna and husband John, Justin, Jorden, Kenzie, and by his grandsons Isaiah and not yet born Eian. And also Micheal and Anthony.

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