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July 24, 2018 Ladies league with 14 participating in the Play of the day “Pick A Pro”. Consists of your 9 hole Net score & a Pro’s 18 hole score from The Open on Sunday. Winners are: 1st—Connie Wilson & Jason Day—102.1; 2nd—Gayle Craig & Patrick Cantlay—103.4; 3rd—Vickie Rooney & Matt Kuchar—107.3; 4th—Danielle Merrill & Xander Schauffle—107.5. The scores ranged from 123.5 down to 102.1. Awesome weather for a day of golf and some great 9 hole scores posted!!
July 26, 2018 Men’s day winners of the Flag Prizes: #1 Longest putt—Denny Mathiason; #3 Closest to pin on drive—Colton Nicoson; #7 Closest to pin on drive—Jerod Jones; and #9 Longest putt—Dr. Greg Oleson.
July 27, 2018 Couples night golf: Holes 1-5 is Best shot, Holes 6-9 Alternate shot. There were 6 couples participating in the event with winners going to 1st and 6th place. 1st—Teagan & Kevin Fothergill—39; 6th—place Tom & Krista Mart—50.

By Cindy Mathiason

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