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Dear Library Patrons

Writing this last article has not been easy. My decision to make this change and move on from the library has been a very difficult one. I accepted this position over 12 years ago, at the time I had two small children. They went from being my helpers, to becoming invaluable to the growth of the library.

This was never just a job, the library and my patrons became family. The bonds forged will not end on my last day. During my 1st month as director, our board president, Pam Lieurance said “I have a feeling she will change everything that is not tied down.” Over 12 years later, while patching a wall with my daughter, she said “there is nothing in this building that does not have your fingerprint.” For me, that is the perfect ending. To my biggest supporters, Riley and Abby, you make every day a gift. To my patrons who trusted me with your stories, your little ones, your highs and lows, and fellow directors you have been the light on the stormiest of days, you have my eternal thanks. Just as I say before anyone walks out those doors, “be safe” and know how deeply I will miss all of you.
Please join us July 23rd from 5-7 at the Country Inn. Tammy will be hosting a goodbye celebration!

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