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Text Scam Alert

By Kristin Grabinoski

There is a scam text message that has been circulating throughout the area over the weekend and into Monday morning.
Persons receiving text messages on their cell phones have been reported to the newspaper office. The text message reads USPS: the arranged delivery for the package (variety of numbers/letters) has been changed. They recipient is then instructed to confirm by clicking on a link.
Jim O’Hara, USPS inspector in Des Moines stated that your local post office will they will leave a 3849 slip in your mailbox or PO box that will instruct you to call the post office or go to the post office. O’Hara also said that this scam has been around for a little while and that other carriers, such as FedEx and UPS have also experience trouble with this scam.
Persons can block the sender and should delete the message.

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