Workplace fatalities on the rise: These are the top 10 most dangerous jobs in America
FVF Law Firm examined data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics's 2022 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries to identify the 10 occupations with the highest rates of fatal injury.
With an urban design mimicking natural forests, Colombia's second-largest city cools dramatically in just three years
Reasons to be Cheerful explains how "green corridors" that mimic natural forests are driving down a Colombian city's temperatures.
Meet the woman who helped inspire major advances for disabled travelers
The 19th introduces Emily Voorde, a longtime friend of Secretary Pete Buttigeg whom he credits for his understanding of traveling and navigating the world as a wheelchair user.   
How much do prices for health services vary within a city?
Care Better used its database, based partly on Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services data, to see how prices for the same services vary within a city.
Texas county's GOP officials declared election hand-count a success, but kept finding errors
Votebeat reports on hand-counting errors found in a Texas county's election results.
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On paper, teens are thriving. In reality, they're not

When it comes to teen mental health, The Hechinger Report found that traditional measures of well-being don't match what youth are saying about their mental health.

Marine Toys for Tots is Honored with Humanitarian Award

Marine Toys for Tots is Honored with Humanitarian Award

(NewsUSA) - Thanks to the ongoing support of the American public, the Marine Toys for Tots Program was honored to receive the esteemed Humanitarian Award at the 26th Annual CBS Family Film and TV …

Spilling the Secrets to Early Literacy

(Family Features) While there are no shortcuts to early literacy, consider these steps parents can take to promote the development of children's reading abilities.

Why young adults need to be empowered to advocate for their own healthcare choices
(BPT) - Sponsored by SanofiFor many people, young adulthood is a time filled with newfound independence and responsibility. Reality begins to set in, with “adulting” tasks becoming part …
Mindfulness tips to support early learners’ development now
(BPT) - While mindfulness once felt like a wellness trend, it’s become a way of life for adults hoping to maintain healthier routines, be intentional in their work and handle daily stresses …
10 game-changing strategies for finding the right summer camp
(BPT) - With the days growing longer and warmer, securing a suitable camp for your child can feel like an impossible task. However, finding the perfect camp experience for your kid this summer …
An Ode-r to Equipment Managers, Starring Alex Rodriguez
(BPT) - Lysol debuts "The Lost Bet" video to celebrate equipment managers and showcase Lysol® Laundry Sanitizer as the MVP for beating the stink.
3 ways to maximize nutrition in your baby's diet
(BPT) - As a parent, it's normal to be focused on your baby getting enough of the nutrients their little bodies need to grow and thrive. Once babies are eating solid food, it's the perfect time to …
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Decorate Your Way to a Festive St. Patrick's Day

(Family Features) Pairing Shepherd's pie and potato soup with green pints and Irish delights are surefire signs of St. Patrick's Day celebrations. A few seasonal touches are all it takes to complement a menu of corned beef and cabbage.

Extreme Weather Prep

(Family Features) As one season gives way to another, fluctuating temperatures can lead to extreme weather that puts your personal safety and property at risk.

Using COVID relief funds, Arizona canceled massive medical debt for one million residents

Next City investigates how medical debt will be canceled for up to 1 million Arizona residents under the American Rescue Plan Act.

Common foods you shouldn't feed your dog and why, according to experts

Ollie consulted with veterinary experts and dove into dog nutrition research to get to the bottom of what is and isn't safe for dogs to eat—and why.

Upgrade your self-care ritual: 5 expert tips for a refreshing 'everything shower'

(BPT) - Your shower can be more than just a way to get clean, and the viral "everything shower" trend proved just how easy it is to build a head-to-toe self-care routine that provides physical, …

6 ways to smell fresher from your pits to your bits

(BPT) - There's a funny thing about body odor. It's not confined to your underarms. It can affect your whole body, from your pits to your bits ... and beyond. Ever get a whiff of your feet after a …

Be prepared: How to be ready for the morning after

(BPT) - There are a few hard truths in life — traffic is always worse when you're late, you'll never find that missing sock and accidents happen when you least expect them, including in your …

The most water-intensive crops and meat
Findbusinesses4sale used data from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences to break down the 10 products that require the most water.
A ranch, rewilded: The successful transformation of California's next state park through floodplain restoration
Reasons to be Cheerful reports on floodplain restoration in California's Central Valley as climate change intensifies both flooding and drought.  
5 simple ways you can make bathrooms safer for trans and nonbinary people
With transgender and non-binary bathrooms being a hotly debated topic, The 19th explains how to create a safer environment for vulnerable individuals.
A small town passed a one-of-a-kind sustainability plan. Now, they have to get creative to fund it
The Daily Yonder reports on how a lack of resources to secure federal funds could threaten the success of a rural community's sustainability plan.
How important are karats, really? 5 questions to answer before investing in jewelry at any price point.
Investing in jewelry can be a challenge. Jewel360 consulted jewelers' guides and reports to unearth important things to look for when buying jewelry.